2020 Typography Competition

Our Juried Competition Celebrates The Best Use of Typography as The Primary Visual Element in Design and Advertising, Plus New Typeface Designs, Calligraphy and Hand Lettering. 2020 Typography Competition Deadline: September 06, 2019 Our Juried Compet

Our juried competition celebrates the best use of typography as the primary visual element in design and advertising, plus new typeface designs, calligraphy and hand lettering. 2020 typography competition deadline: september 06, 2019 our juried c <Cropped>

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Jewelry by Anousha Razavi

Anousha Razavi Portrays The Kashan Dome Collection Jewelry

Anousha Razavi, the maker of the highlighted design Kashan Dome Collection by Anousha Razavi says, Kashan, the new line of jewellery by Anousha Razavi is inspired by the mesmerizing ceiling in the Bazaar of Kashan, an ancient city known for its archi <Cropped>

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Packaging by Marco D'aroma

Marco D'aroma Presents The Tocco Wine Packaging

Marco D'Aroma, the lead designer of the awarded work Packaging:Tocco Wine by Marco D'Aroma illustrates, Brand restyling and graphic project of the new labels for the Tocco wines. A newly-done project boasting a strong visual effect, which r <Cropped>

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Atlasbalans M2-Deep Wave Treatment Tool by Nikolaus Frank and Cecilia Frank

Nikolaus Frank and Cecilia Frank Demonstrates The Atlasbalans M2 Deep Wave Treatment Tool

Nikolaus Frank and Cecilia Frank, the creator of the awarded project Award Winning Atlasbalans M2 Deep wave treatment tool explicates, The Atlasbalans M2 is a treatment tool used by professional therapists to ease pain and muscle tension through a ne <Cropped>

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Interface and Interaction Design by Ken Nakagaki-Tangible Media Group

Ken Nakagaki-Tangible Media Group Discloses The Lineform Interface and Interaction Design

Ken Nakagaki - Tangible Media Group, the lead designer of the displayed project Ken Nakagaki - Tangible Media Group's LineFORM Interface and Interaction Design explains, We propose a novel concept of shape changing interface using the form “Li <Cropped>

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Modular Screen by Guorong Luo

Guorong Luo Illustrates The Peep Modular Screen

Guorong Luo, the architect of the highlighted work Modular Screen by Guorong Luo illustrates, Peep Screen is a modular and adjustable free-standing furniture designed for people to partition interior space and create private space. Users can build th <Cropped>

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Nic Lee's Le Plan Libre Residence

Nic Lee Creates The Le Plan Libre Residence

Nic Lee, the lead designer of the award winning project residence by Nic Lee illustrates, As the architect mies van der rohe proposes "skin and bones architecture", the design team tried to keep all structure expose with two long horizontal <Cropped>

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All Types of Interior Designing . Vehicle and Architectureinterior and Exterior of Architectural and Automotive

All types of interior designing . vehicle and architectureInterior and exterior of architectural and automotive.

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The Encode by Devesh Pratyay

Devesh Pratyay Creates The The Encode Club

Devesh Pratyay , the author of the displayed work The Encode by Devesh Pratyay points out, Encode is inspired from the the movie Matrix in a literal interpretation that is reflected in the binary code etched into mirror with green back light. The pri <Cropped>

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Andrea Daemon and Andreas Doser's Black Jack and Black Jacky Washbasin

Andrea Daemon and Andreas Doser Portrays The Black Jack and Black Jacky Washbasin

Andrea Daemon and Andreas Doser, the lead designer of the highlighted project Black Jack and Black Jacky - Washbasin by Andrea Daemon and Andreas Doser explicates, The puristic nocturne (black colored) monoblock washbasin made of black Corean gives t <Cropped>

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