Zoe Shen Stylist Studio by Ting-Yan Chen

Ting-Yan Chen Creates The Zoe Shen Stylist Studio Interior Design

Ting-Yan Chen, the maker of the highlighted work Interior Design:Zoe Shen Stylist Studio by Ting-Yan Chen spells out, The client, who has the business as makeup and flora design, owns the studio in this design plan located at the foot of Baguashan Sc <Cropped>

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Paperclip:clipstone by Mauricio Navarro

Mauricio Navarro Illustrates The Clipstone Paperclip

Mauricio Navarro, the architect of the awarded design Mauricio Navarro's Clipstone Paperclip demonstrates, We thought about the stoneclips as an iconic product, familiar to almost anyone. The memory of this everyday object carries a sense of nos <Cropped>

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Turturem by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Discloses The Turturem Outdoor Table

The architect of the highlighted design Award Winning Turturem outdoor table spells out, Turturem is a table for exterior use. There are no fasteners, only interlocking connections that allow a slight movement in changing environmental conditions. On <Cropped>

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Yang Chao & Wang Mengqiang's Jingdezhen City Image Poster Design

Yang Chao & Wang Mengqiang Creates The Jingdezhen City Image Poster Design

Yang Chao & Wang Mengqiang, the project leader of the award winning design Poster Design:Jingdezhen City Image by Yang Chao & Wang Mengqiang points out, This is a series of poster design, convey the designer of Jingdezhen city impression, t <Cropped>

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Cilllia-3d Hair Generator by Jifei Ou-Mit Media Lab

Jifei Ou-Mit Media Lab Exhibits The Cilllia 3d Hair Generator

Jifei Ou - MIT Media Lab, the author of the displayed design 3D Hair Generator:Cilllia by Jifei Ou - MIT Media Lab spells out, Inspired by the hair structures occur in nature at different scales with multiple functionalities, Cilllia looks at new way <Cropped>

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Magnets-Earbuds by Bowen Qian & He Ma

Bowen Qian & He Ma Shares The Magnets Earbuds

Bowen Qian & He Ma, the project leader of the award winning project Earbuds:Magnets by Bowen Qian & He Ma illustrates, This earbuds have a kind of special magnet parts. With these special parts, users can pack it up by revolving around the ea <Cropped>

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Schlachtfeld Wildnis-Illustration by Lara Wilkin

Lara Wilkin Shows The Schlachtfeld Wildnis Illustration

Lara Wilkin, the creator of the displayed design Illustration:Schlachtfeld Wildnis by Lara Wilkin demonstrates, From an illustrativ point of view Lara Wilkin intend to based the visual processing on the animal representative characters, which she ill <Cropped>

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The Symbiotic Towers by Zayad Motlib

Zayad Motlib Presents The The Symbiotic Towers Mixed Use Development

Zayad Motlib, the creative mind behind the award winning project Mixed Use Development by Zayad Motlib explicates, Inspired by the formation of a voronoi pattern as found in natural systems, the proposal seeks to integrate contextual environmental da <Cropped>

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Necklace by Anne Dumont

Anne Dumont Illustrates The Grass and Petals Necklace

Anne Dumont, the lead designer of the award winning design Grass and Petals - Necklace by Anne Dumont illustrates, Grass and petals is a small necklace and bracelet collection made from metal, silver or brass, and fresh flowers. These are to change <Cropped>

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Award Winning The Tee-Pant Adaptable Clothing

Leila Rose Faddoul Portrays The The Tee-Pant Adaptable Clothing

Leila Rose Faddoul, the author of the highlighted project Award Winning The Tee- Pant Adaptable Clothing explicates, The Tee-Pants is the ultimate travelling item. The Tee-Pant is unique as it can be worn as the opposite garments, a tee shirt and pan <Cropped>

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