Monti Italian Restaurant-Fine Dining Italian Restaurant by Rockett Studio

Rockett Studio Demonstrates The Monti Italian Restaurant Fine Dining Italian Restaurant

Rockett Studio, the thinktank behind the award winning project Rockett Studio's Monti Italian Restaurant Fine Dining Italian Restaurant spells out, The challenge was to pay homage to both Singapore’s glimmering skyline and Italy’s unmistaka <Cropped>

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Surgical System by Intuitive Global Design Team

Intuitive Global Design Team Reveals The Davinci Sp Surgical System

Intuitive Global Design Team, the lead designer of the highlighted project Surgical System by Intuitive Global Design Team says, The da Vinci SP® surgical system is an advanced, robotic-assisted platform for minimally invasive surgery. It acts as a <Cropped>

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Packaging:honey of The Messestadt by Joel Derksen

Joel Derksen Shows The Honey of The Messestadt Packaging

Joel Derksen, the thinktank behind the awarded design Joel Derksen's Honey of the Messestadt Packaging explains, In 1992, visionary planners transformed an abandoned Munich airport into an “eco-utopian” community. Concrete runways were repla <Cropped>

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Fashion Sculptures by Stevenvanderyt

Stevenvanderyt Spotlights The New Look? Fashion Sculptures

STEVENVANDERYT, the architect of the awarded design STEVENVANDERYT's NEW LOOK? Fashion Sculptures demonstrates, The collection is a statement against the fast-fashion system especially in couture. Its becoming obvious that couture is giving int <Cropped>

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Lab.15 Art Contest

A Great Opportunity For The Artists, Which Can Win a Cash Prize, Have The Chance to Exhibit Their Artworks in a Gallery in Milan (italy) and Much More

A great opportunity for the artists, which can win a cash prize, have the chance to exhibit their artworks in a gallery in milan (italy) and much more. .

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Vodka Bottle by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Presents The Lithuanian Vodka Gold Limited Edition Vodka Bottle

The maker of the award winning work Vodka bottle:Lithuanian Vodka Gold Limited Edition by Acclaimed Designer explains, The special edition of Lithuanian Vodka Gold designed with modern ethnographical symbols is an unexpected link between yesterday an <Cropped>

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Stool or Sidetable:qu4tro by Marcos Bravo

Marcos Bravo Demonstrates The Qu4tro Stool or Sidetable

Marcos Bravo, the creator of the awarded work Qu4tro by Marcos Bravo explains, Qu4tro stool is made of four identical parts produced by lasercutting and folding sheet metal. The design aims to create a three-dimensional and functional object from a f <Cropped>

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Hi Tower by Sigal Zaburof

Sigal Zaburof Creates The Hi Tower Lobby

Sigal Zaburof, the creative mind behind the award winning work Lobby by Sigal Zaburof explicates, Interior design of an innovative residential lobby, the use of diagonal spindle shaped wall and a high space that creates an element of drama - expresse <Cropped>

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Sook Ko's Chirming Poster

Sook Ko Creates The Chirming Poster

Sook Ko, the creator of the highlighted work Poster by Sook Ko explains, When Sook was young, she saw a pretty bird on the mountain but bird quickly flew away, leaving only sound behind. She looked up in the sky to find the bird, but all she could se <Cropped>

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Award Winning City Lounge, St. Gallen Urban Living Room

Carlos Martinez and Pipilotti Rist Creates The City Lounge, St. Gallen Urban Living Room

Carlos Martinez and Pipilotti Rist, the designer of the highlighted work Urban living room by Carlos Martinez and Pipilotti Rist explains, The granulated rubber flooring unifies every square and spared spot of the Raiffeisen quarter into a homogeneou <Cropped>

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